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Hydrogen On Demand

GEMA Sciences has developed a state of the art, benign, inert porous nano material using conventional methods of manufacturing allowing for reduced industrial equipment costs to be used in the manufacturing of the material. The key ingredient is any form of water from Urine, Grey water, salt water including sea, sewage water. All these forms of liquid can be used as feed stock for rapid continuous production of pure Hydrogen (99.97%) and with additional low-cost filtering 99.999% pure enough to be run thru fuel cells. The main advantages to our technology are:

- GHG free
- Benign
- Inert
- Residual material after effect is fully recyclable or can be used in its existing form Dried and reused into our existing process reducing our overall material cost.
- Exothermic
- Single material format that can be produced in any form- powder, solid tablet, etc…
- Requires no compression for transportation
- Hydrogen produced when needed where needed
- Stable throughout the entire manufacturing to production process
- Chemical free
- Material can be found anywhere on any continent is abundant quantities
- Key Ingredients are in the top 15 elemental materials on the Periodic Table
- Nothing in our formulation is rare Presently we are a fraction of the cost of competing technology that use metal reactant. In fact a recent model demenstrated our cost to be 20 times cheaper than the next best in class US Army developed material.