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Discovered in 1995, while observing the accelerated growth of plants in green houses. This super size growth translated into as much as a 400% increase in size of plants in the same growing time frame. Also observed was improvement in time to maturity of the plant and overall plant health compared to baseline plants, using excactly the same water, light, fertilizer, and strains as the control group. The only difference was our technology. This observation led to the testing of the technology in cleansing/sanitization of all pathogens including viruses, bacteria and fungi. We are now exploring if similiar results could be observed in human health. Terra-forming the air in green houses, with measurable increases in vitamin and nutritional content for both marijuana, fruits, berries and vegetables. The generation of charged energy states from a cathode to a water anode, develop conditions that favor the extreme equalibrium of atmosphere to a neutralized state of favorable growing and living conditions.